Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eating Out: The 10 Worst Mistakes for Going Down on Your Girl, Part IV

Compiled by College Sex Advice

Orthodontia and pubes don't mix

Some of you may still be wearing braces. If so, make sure she shaves or at least trims, or you're going to end up snagged in her short curlies.

It'll be extremely painful for her and gross for you when you have to pick the hairs out of your teeth.

Of course, the worst is if you're cheating on your girlfriend and she spots someone else's pubes in your teeth.

Blowing raspberries

It's fine to make some noise while eating pussy.

Moaning is OK; most women like that. Even slurping is acceptable within limits.

But sticking your face up in her bush and blowing raspberries or making fart sounds is not going to go over well. Neither will burping.

See our warning about keggers and cunnilingus.

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