Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eating Out: The 10 Worst Mistakes for Going Down on Your Girl, Part II

Compiled by College Sex Advice

Lapping like a dog

It's good to lick, and it's good to keep your tongue loose and relaxed. But don't get sloppy or slobbery.

Use a little restraint and don't pant. If your oral technique reminds her of her pet Golden Retriever, that won't be a turn-on. At least, we hope not.

Clit hickeys

Hickeys are so high school, but if you wanna leave your mark, do it on her neck, arm, tit or thigh.

Don't clamp your mouth around her clit and suck it so hard you give her a welt. Strong suction on the clit (sucking it like a vacuum cleaner) isn't going to feel very good to her and might hurt.

Drunken pussy eating

This is as bad as a drunken blowjob, and you'll really ruin the moment if you're so wasted that you toss your cookies in her crotch. Remember, keggers and cunnilingus do not mix.

To do a good job eating her out, you need to be able to pay attention and coordinate your tongue action. If you don't throw up, you still might pass out, and that pretty much guarantees you won't get another date with her.


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