Friday, January 26, 2007

It's a Celebration Bitches!!!

Tarleton State Students Upset Over MLK Party
Outrage Over Texas College MLK Day Party

A questionable celebration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, held by members of Lambda Chi Alpha, has Tarleton State officials asking what happened.

At a party at an off campus location, guests came dressed in gang apparel, Afros and fake gold and silver teeth. They slurped malt liquor and feasted on fried chicken. One girl even came dressed as syrup queen Aunt Jemima.

A Tarleton State sophomore who heads their NAACP chapter said he found pictures on Facebook from the party and became upset at their mockery of black heritage, stereotypes, and history.

Lambda Chi Alpha said they had nothing to do with the party idea, but it was organized by a few of its brothers.

Check out some pictures of the party here.

Lambda Lambda Lambda Strikes Back

Friends Start Fraternity From Scratch

There's a new frat at the University of Connecticut. In what started as a joke, 9 guys and a girl started "Lambda Lambda Lambda" in tribute to the 1994 film "Revenge of the Nerds."

The university's department of Greek Life will not recognize the fraternity, but they have been categorized as a 'special interest' organization.

UConn's newest frat plans to begin its first rush today, with about 30 students expected to participate. Brothers said that students interested in joining can also attend next week's involvement fair.

"It shouldn't be a stress to be in a frat," said founder Nick Carroll, "The openness of our frat is what I love."

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Seniors Will Be Sober

College of New Jersey Bans Alcohol During Senior Week

The Star-Ledger is reporting that this year's Senior Week at the College of New Jersey will be sober from now on.

Traditionally at the college, seniors return to the dorm where they lived as freshmen, and spend the week getting hammered.

School officials said traditional bus trips will continue, but the graduating seniors will not be allowed to drink under the new policy.

The Frat Boy News has yet to hear any feedback from the students.

Gun Shots Fired, 2 Alpha Phi Alphas Attacked

Two Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Attacked at Frat House

Two Alpha Phi Alpha brothers were attacked in front of their fraternity house at the University of Alabama Saturday morning.

The attackers have yet to be identified, but rumors say it may Kappa Alpha Psi may have been involved.

Kappa Alpha Psi has denied the allegations.

No one was injured, and police are investigating gun shots in the vicinity that occurred around the same time.

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