Friday, February 23, 2007

"Panty Party" Collects Donations for Woman's Shelter; Event's Title Misleading

Panty Party Helps Victims of Violence

The Panhellenic Council at Middle Tennessee State University organized an event called a "Panty Party" to collect donations for the Women's Domestic Violence Shelter.

Girls from each of the university's sororities participated, such as a few of the Alpha Chi Omega sister pictured right, and said they collected a ton of donations for the shelter.

"Everyone's participating, not just the girls," Gibson said. "The guys have contributed a lot." The brothers of Kappa Alpha fraternity even donated $100 worth of toiletries to the ladies.

While the girls were not collecting panties, or prancing around in their underwear like we were hoping, they did gather a lot of feminine products that will be put to good use by the women who will need them at the shelter.

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