Friday, February 23, 2007

Phi Tau Evicted at PSU, TKE Also Facing Suspension

Frat Forced Out of House

The borough of State College evicted its first Penn State fraternity based on violations of borough ordinances and state laws. After failing to reach an agreement with the borough about numerous property violations, Phi Kappa Tau was evicted from their house this week for at least 6 months, officials said.

For the time being, the Phi Tau brothers will move into the empty Alpha Kappa Lambda house. The State College borough manager announced the Phi Tau must move out, while Tau Kappa Epsilon, who also faces suspension, is permitted to stay. Both frats were called "nuisance properties" by the borough last fall after for receiving rental permit violations, including disorderly conduct and excessive noise, and had there rental permits suspended Nov. 1.

After an appeal process failed, Phi Tau was notified they were being forced to move out earlier this month. TKE will be evicted ir further violations with the borough occur.

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