Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PSU SigPigs Educate Brothers on Alcohol

Frat Engages In Alcohol Education

As reported by Rossilynne Skena of the Penn State Daily Collegian:

Nearly 60 members of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity hung out at an event last night drinking pitchers of iced tea and water -- not pitchers of beer. In an effort to transform its reputation, Delta Sigma Phi hosted an alcohol training program at their house.

Four representatives from University Health Services spoke about consequences of drinking too much, alcohol myths and how to help drunken friends who need "baby-sitting."

"Basically our main goal is to make sure all of our members are educated ... familiar with the consequences ... making sure they're aware of what's going on around them, what's appropriate and what's expected of them," Delta Sigma Phi President Abe Gitterman said.

Last spring Delta Sigma Phi was "totally shut down," Gitterman said. There were reports of a hazing incident, although charges were ultimately not filed by The State College Police Department. This fall, the fraternity was allowed back in the house, but were required to have a dry semester.

Now Delta Sigma Phi is back on normal status, Gitterman said. In the first semester back to normal, "It's just a matter of being ready. This will be one of the first steps we will take for that," he said.

The event wasn't to tell fraternity members they have to stop drinking entirely; instead, it was about "how to manage yourself responsibly," Gitterman said.

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