Sunday, March 18, 2007

California Townie Tries to Break Into Apartment

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Sunday:

California State University in Long Beach
(compiled by The Daily 49er)
University Police arrested a Long Beach resident Tuesday after he attempted to break into a nearby home and run onto campus.

Thomas Iyle Heuer, 27, tried to enter a Bixby Hills home, but he left the area after pushing a woman. He ran on campus and tried to enter students' cars three times. A student was in the car every time he tried to get in one. While trying to enter one of the cars, he inappropriately touched a female and fled the area, according to University Police.

Heuer then entered a class in the Education 2 building, sat down and reportedly placed a pocketknife on a desk. Again, he then ran out of the classroom. After police surrounded him, they arrested Heuer, who also assaulted the officer who was arresting him. University Police was able to arrest Heuer within five minutes after receiving the first 911 call.

The incident is not related to the sexual assault cases from last semester.

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