Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dartmouth Greeks Discuss Sex Crimes at Tri-Kap Event

Greeks Talk Sexual Assault at Tri-Kap

As reported by Allyson Bennett, The Dartmouth:

Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity hosted a panel discussion on the Greek system and sexual assault featuring five members from Dartmouth's Greek houses Monday night as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Week. The panel aimed to openly address the Greek system's responsibilities in responding to issues of sexual assault and in creating safer social spaces for women on campus.

"Greek organizations need to try to express to their members that they need to change their perception about what the phrase sexual assault means," Preston Copley '07, a member of Gamma Delta Chi fraternity, said. "Until we change our mind about what the term sexual assault means as a fraternity member, it's going to be harder to identify it in terms of social actions."

"I think that one of the biggest problems here at Dartmouth, at least in the community of women here, is that there seems to be some tensions and animosity between classes, particularly between freshman women and senior women," said a student. "If you see someone ... struggling because they've had a little too much to drink, go and talk to them. Offer them help."

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