Tuesday, March 13, 2007

D.C. Shop Sells the Exclusive Greek Gear Everyone Wants

Pledged To Greek Gear

Fraternity guys and sorority girls in Washington D.C. know exactly where they can find the latest in Greek apparel and accesories each year during rush.

The University Shop, which opened 14 years ago in Washington D.C., is the exclusive location where students can get officially licensed merchandise for his or her sorority or fraternity. Students from the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, George Mason, Georgetown, and George Washington all spend serious amounts of cash each spring at the store, especially during the period between rush and initiation.

"It's tough to be in such a niche business," said store manager Derek Martino.

"Girls come in here, spend $60 on a paddle and think this store makes tons of money, but they don't see how slow it can be the rest of the year," he said. Sororities and fraternities have become more aggressive in policing the use of their signature Greek letters, and only 350 stores like the one in D.C. can officially sell the products.

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