Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Delta Epsilon Alumni Gives Business Profits to Charity

Java Fix - For a Cause

A coffee shop located near the University of Colorado has turned it's customers daily caffeine fix into a philanthropic pursuit. Café Play, located in Boulder Colorado, is co-owned by Bill Shrum a Delta Epsilon alumni. The Cafe's business plan calls, which Shrum helped pen, call for giving 10% of the business profits to charity, and he is doing that with the help of CU's Greek community.

Schrum traces his business and charity roots back to his college fraternity experience.

“I learned the most about business being a Greek (rather) than I did in school, and a lot of that experience is what led to my success today. So, for me, it's about giving back,” said Schrum.

Through Cafe Plays unique program, Coffee for a Cause, each Greek organization that participates chooses a charity for their donation to go to. At the end of the event, the house that raises the most money gets 100% of their spending to donate to charity. Second place gets 50% and third place gets 25%. Schrum himself donated $100 to the first house to raise $1000.

The event has been such a hit, that Schrum plans on making it an annual event.

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