Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Drunk Girl Gets Disorderly in Dorm

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Tuesday:

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (compiled by Stephanie Sullivan, The University Echo)
Feb. 28 - 2:55 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a dorm after being advised by security that a student had been seen highly intoxicated having trouble getting into the building.

The suspect had been escorted to her room and an RA had been called, but the subject refused to give her ID to the RA. Police were further advised the subject also called UTC dispatch and requested an officer. Police made contact with the subject and she was identified.

She was highly intoxicated and very belligerent. The RA told the officer that when he arrived he knocked on the door. When she answered he told her he was an RA and wanted to see her Mocs Card at which time she slammed the door in his face. The suspect did provide her ID to police.

As police were attempting to gather information from the RA the subject started to become very disorderly, screaming obscenities.

She was advised over three times to remain quiet and to calm down. She advised, "I heard what the f--k you said, this is why I never call police. I've been raped here two times and you mother f--kers haven't ever done s--t about it."

At that time police advised the subject if she made another outburst she would be arrested and taken to jail. She then sat down and told police her apartment had been broken into.

Police advised her she should file a report. She said, "That's what you guys always tell me, 'call back when you're sober.'" Police advised the subject she would be sent to student development at which time she said "bye, bye, bye, bye," and police left.

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