Monday, March 05, 2007

ΑΣΑ Girls Swim in Frozen Water

Students Take Plunge for Special Olympics

The Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority from DePaul University will joined several hundred other people from the city of Chicago in the seventh annual Polar Plunge on Sunday to raise awareness and money for Chicago's Special Olympics programs. Last year, more than 550 people participated by jumping into frozen water to raise money for the charity.

"Alpha Sigma Alpha has been on campus since 1971, and has been participating one way or another with the Polar Plunge since its establishment here in Chicago," said Katie Matis, president of the sorority.

"Community service is probably the most important part of Alpha Sigma Alpha," said Mathis. So far, the sisters have raised over $500 for the charity. More than $200,000 is expected to be collected for Special Olympics by the event.

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