Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sigma Pi Chapter Re-Established at Ohio State

Historic Frat Sets Up Shop on OSU's Campus

Way back in 1908 Sigma Pi was established at Ohio State University and maintained their gamma designation until 1995 when it closed due to low membership. In January 2007 consultant from Sigma Pi's nationals came to the OSU campus to re-establish chapter.

The fifteen new recruits are going to be known as the founding fathers of the Gamma chapter of Sigma Pi. As founding fathers, their names will be inscribed on the charter. The new brothers also have plans on giving back to the OSU community. The Altruistic Campus Experience Project, is a program designed by the Sigma Pi fraternity to contribute to the campus of each of chapters. The re-colonized chapters president, Aiden Quinn, a junior in architecture commented on the Altruistic Campus Experience and being a chapter president. He is pictured at left.

"The ACE Project is a way to give back to Ohio State," Quinn said. "We can do anything from picking up trash around campus to laying brick at the new Ohio Union."

"The best thing about being the president of a re-colonized chapter would be being the president of a re-colonized chapter," Quinn said.


Anonymous said...

The president is wearing a DC shirt with a Hurley hat... oh yea thats fratty... or wait, maybe its screams GDI

ShaunTX said...

Dood does have a way with words :)

FratBoyNewsAdmin said...

He is quite eloquent...just a few months ago these guys were GDI's...they may be late converts, but I give them an "A" for effort.

Anonymous said...

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