Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Strict Dorm Rules Could Change at Boston University

BU Poised to Change Dorm Rules

Anyone who has been in a Boston University dorm knows how unfriendly the schools policies are toward Fratboy-like behavior, specifically the overnight variety. However, that is all set to change with a sweeping overhaul of the schools conjugal visit policy.

The current set of policy's, allegedly borrowed from a local convent, were enacted by former BU president John Silber. While president Silber famously said that Boston University is not "in the business of providing weekend love nests."

The new rules allow for over night guests, while providing enough security to make the parents of BU ladies feel at ease.

Many students allege, on the other hand, that the overnight night guest policy was not as effective as some make it to be, saying "if you are smart enough to get into BU, you are smart enough to get around the guest policy."

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