Saturday, March 17, 2007

Texas Sorority Arsonists Close To Being Found

Caller Pinpoints Sorority Arsonists

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It was found out Thursday that a phone tip helped to pinpoint a pair of sorority house arson suspects who are still on the run tonight.

Someone told the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office that Marcus Navarro and Hayley Mullane set a fire inside a University of Texas sorority house and may be headed to Mexico.

A week ago, Austin firefighters put out a flaming couch at the Alpha Chi Omega house, after a young man lit a bag of spray-painted softballs on it and ran. His getaway car, a Jeep Cherokee with a whale painted on the side, was ready to roll.

Fire investigators said the suspects were seen dyeing their hair and spray-painting the Jeep.

They are charged with first-degree arson, punishable by up to life in prison.

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Marley said...

It is very sad to say that I know these two people. I have known hayley for about 5-6 years and Marcus about 2 months. Marcus is crazy! Hayley got drug into it and they both deserve what they get.

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