Monday, June 11, 2007

24 Duke Students Will Be Cited for Cheating in May

Convicted in Fuqua Case Cry Out

In what Duke University officials called the largest episode of dishonesty in campus history, a judicial board ruled that 34 students in the college's graduate business program in May were caught cheating on a take-home exam. More than a month later, the university has upheld charges of cheating against 24 of those involved.

Students at Duke's Fuqua School of Business worked together to complete the open book test they were permitted to do on their own time - a direct violation of the university's honor code. The students caught were in the first year of the university's MBA program.

In order to keep further controversy under wraps, Duke didn't release the names of the students involved or the academic course in question to media. The New York Times reported that the professor of the class noticed similarities in many of the student's answers.

Fifteen of the students involved were suspended from Duke for one academic year and given a failing grade in the class. Nine students may face expulsion. The students do have the opportunity to appeal the penalties.

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