Monday, June 11, 2007

Indianapolis Police Searching for Girls' Bathroom Peeping Tom

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Monday:

Indiana Universty-Purdue University in Indianapolis
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IUPUI police are hopeful to crack a creepy case involving a male who uses cracks to commit a crime.

"We've had a male enter women's restrooms try to peep through the cracks in the stall." said Captain Bill Abston of the IUPUI Police.

Police say four females have given a similar description of a male who peered into their bathroom stall. They say it happened twice in March inside the Natatorium.

May 30th, we had one in the science building and then June 4th was in the business building," said Abston. "In these cases females would enter the bathroom, enter a stall close the door and they would see people looking in the stall and then make verbal contact and the subject would leave."

As a result of the man, who witnesses describe as a white male, about five ten, possibly with shoulder length hair, IUPUI police have beefed up patrol.

"Be aware of the people around the restroom, in the last instance the subject was around the water fountain outside the restroom door. Just be familiar with who is in the area if you feel uncomfortable call the police department," said Abston.

While the peeping tom has not attacked any girls, for many it's still scary.

"I am here everyday during the week working, teaching swimming lessons, so I often have to shower and change in the locker rooms here," said one student. "It kind of freaks you out, you don't ever feel safe when you are supposed to be in an area where there's only girls."

Campus police recommend that students go to the campus police website, and get on the activity report so they can get the e-mails advising the criminal activity on campus. That way they can stay up to date on ongoing problems and report any additional problems.

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