Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sorority Girls Who Made Pledge Eat Garbage Headed to Court

Sorority Sisters Face Judge for Hazing Charges

The three sisters of Zeta Phi Beta sorority at Southeast Missouri State University who were charged with assault and hazing after allegedly forcing a pledge to eat garbage in February are set to appear in court Monday.

Campus police investigated incidents reported to them by the national headquarters of the sorority. They said no specific pledges came forward.

According to, Darletta McKennis-Weems, 23, is accused of requiring a sorority pledge to eat food mixed together from a garbage can and for spoon feeding the concoction to the pledge on or about Feb. 4.

Ashley Moore, 22, is accused of striking the woman with a closed fist on or about Feb. 15 .

Reynolds is accused of spraying the pledge in the face with liquid from a spray bottle on or about Feb. 15.

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