Friday, July 13, 2007

Boston College Roommates Busted for Selling Coke

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for the weekend:

Boston College
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Two Boston College dorm mates have been indicted on cocaine trafficking charges by a Middlesex County grand jury, the district attorney’s office announced.

Students John Sherman, 18, of Pasadena, Calif. and Daniel Carr, 19, of Brooklyn N.Y., were both charged with trafficking cocaine over 14 grams, distribution of a Class C drug, and possession to distribute a Class D drug.

Sherman and Carr were arrested Feb. 14 by Boston College Police.

The police went to Gonzaga Hall at 149 Hammond St. after two students and a resident director for the school said they were afraid that Carr may have had a gun in his dorm room.

One of the students admitted to owning a pellet gun. Police searched the room and also found mushrooms, drug paraphernalia and a list of thugs that owed the two money, police said.

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