Friday, July 20, 2007

Hobo Found Trespassing at Florida International

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for the Weekend:

Florida International University (compiled by James Sallee, The Beacon)
Anonymous E-mail - Two female students reported in June that pictures of them kissing at a nightclub were e-mailed to them and class members, anonymously, along with a caption that read: "does your mother know about this?" An FIU employee reported that the e-mails came from public domain computers on-campus and are impossible to track.

Trespassing Hobo - A homeless man was arrested for trespassing in the Green Library June 16. Marvin Hendricks, 42, has been arrested by Public Safety 12 times before for trespassing and for a series of burglaries at the University Park Apartments.

Missing Key - Following a series of burglaries at the Engineering and Computer Science building between June 1-6, a police report was filed June 14 describing a master key as missing. Dona Dorsett reported to police that between June 4 and 13, the master key, which she holds, was replaced with another key that belonged to a former FIU employee. It is unknown if that employee ever turned in the key when he or she left, or if was in possession of the key before it was involved in this case. The master key is still missing and the locks have yet to be changed.

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