Thursday, July 19, 2007

Students Robbed Ohio Bank to Help Pay Their College Loans

Police Say Bank Robbery Suspects Confessed to Pay College Bills

A University of Toledo student and a University of Cincinnati student charged with armed robbery told police they wanted to rob a bank to help pay their college loans.

"Andrew graduated top of his class and received a scholarship and even with a scholarship there isn't enough money, financial aid, living on campus," one of the bank robber's mother said.

Police said no one was hurt when Toledo student Christopher Avery and Cincinnati student Andrew Butler walked into an Ohio bank and robbed it at gunpoint.

"He's a student at UC in mechanical engineering and was about to start his summer employment with an engineering firm," Avery's attorney said.

Butler's mother said her son as recently been short of money which may have led to their decision to rob the bank. The two students were arrested only hours after the robbery.

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