Monday, August 20, 2007

Baylor Police Put an End to Cheerleading Squabble

The Frat Boy News Daily Police Report

Baylor University (compiled by Tim Woods,

Baylor University police were called to the McLane Student Life Center on Aug. 10 to quell an incident between a former assistant cheerleading coach and the school’s newly hired director of spirit and athletic traditions.

The incident occurred between former assistant cheerleading coach Rachael Johnson and new coach Susie Oliver when Johnson went to the building before the first practice of the year for Baylor’s All-Girl Cheer Team, according to Johnson, who wrote about the incident on her blog.

No arrests were made, and Baylor Department of Public Safety Chief Jim Doak said “it was a nonevent for us, basically.”

Johnson wrote that she and her husband went early to the practice after women from the team invited her to give her a present and say goodbye. After Johnson opened the gift and began talking to team members, Oliver walked in and asked to speak with Johnson outside, Johnson said.

Johnson said she had been trying to contact Oliver for two weeks without a return phone call, so “I politely told her that I was sorry, but I would not be following her outside and that we could talk after I finished saying goodbye to the girls.”

According to Johnson’s account, Oliver then began to yell at her, at which point Johnson’s husband, Aaron, a graduate student at Baylor’s Truett Seminary, “asked her to please refrain from yelling at me.”

Oliver then called campus police, who took down Johnson’s name without further action, she said.

The incident came at the end of a brief period which saw Johnson dismissed as assistant coach and Oliver named to the newly created position of director of spirit and athletic traditions.

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