Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cal State Chico Looks to Move On Without Betas

Fraternity Suffers Hazing Fallout

By Patrick W. Connelly
, The Frat Boy News

Students returning the California State University in Chico this fall may notice a considerable difference on campus as Beta Theta Pi fraternity won't be active this school year.

"We've lost 40 good guys," said Greg Bruce, a Sigma Pi brother and the university's IFC president. Beta Theta Pi was disbanded on the campus after a university investigation into a hazing incident cause the fraternity to lose its national chapter's recognition.

Brothers of the fraternity were said to have forced pledges to submerge in a bathtub filled with ice and water until they answered a series of questions. They were also said to have locked pledges in a closet where they threw beer and other disgusting things at them, reports said.

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