Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kirk Herbstreit Ranks College Football's Best Student Sections

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College Football (compiled by Kirk Herbstreit,

Student sections gain respect from me for originality, support (noise) and organization.

5. Notre Dame -- The most traditional atmosphere you will ever witness. The loyal student body adds to the experience.

4. Oregon -- I'm simply going on my memories from my last trip to Autzen in 2001 -- wow, has it been that long? I think its time for "GameDay" to return to Eugene. Six Pac-10 champions and a major stadium renovation have come and gone since our last visit. But when we were there, it rocked.

3. Texas A&M -- Aggieland just oozes tradition. Crowds of 40,000 attend yell practices on Friday nights. Are you kidding? I challenge you to locate a more faithful group than what you find at Kyle Field.

2. Florida -- When the Gators are good -- really good -- there is no place like "The Swamp." I still make the argument it's the loudest stadium in the country on game day. When Mr. Two-bits does his thing, it sends chills up and down your spine as the Gators take the field.

1. Penn State -- They continue to raise the bar with the white out. The music adds a festival-like atmosphere. I've never seen such support in all my life.

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