Thursday, August 30, 2007

Over 100 Ball State Students Already Busted for Drinking

The Frat Boy News Daily Police Report

Ball State University (compiled by Chris Sutter, Newslink Indiana)

Over 100 students have been arrested on the Ball State University campus since the beginning of the school year. Gene Burton, Public Safety Director for Ball State said, "the past two weekends, from my point of view, they've been fairly typical first weekends of the academic year."

Zeta Beta Tau was a fraternity that felt the hardest impact of Ball State's crackdown. President Nathan Elsworth said his frat was nearly shut down due to the number of underage drinkers.

"There were some people that went back to the dorms and they were questioned and I guess drew all those questions and basically came back and mentioned us and from what I know the police were called right away and they were here I guess in a few minutes," Elsworth said.

Kaytee Bryns was one of those students partying on frat row. She said the tactics the BSU police Department used were unbelievable.

"Me and my roommate came home and just decided to go to bed because we had been drinking...obviously...and we were woken up about an hour later by the RA's [resident assistants] and then by the cops and they made us blow and then wrote us tickets and told us to go back to bed. So we woke up in the morning to tickets...thinking it was a bad nightmare," Bryns said.

The BSU sophomore says she has hired a lawyer, and plans to deal with the unorthodox policing used in issuing her a ticket for underage drinking. Until then, she plans on a lot of alcohol-free nights in her Ball State dorm room.

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