Wednesday, November 28, 2007

USC Phi Kappa Psi Chapter Plans Return

Phi Kappa Psi Plans Return to Campus

By Patrick W. Connelly
, The Frat Boy News

Alumni are rallying support for the University of Southern California's chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity to return to campus.

Following a series of disciplinary infractions, the chapter in July lost its status as a student organization on the campus. The brothers were also forced to vacate their house.

Over 40 brothers were cited last April drug-related infractions against the student personal conduct policy. The fraternity kept its national charter through the duration of the disciplinary action.

With enough hard work, the brothers hope to return as a campus-recognized chapter as soon as next fall.

"Our primary focuses in the upcoming months and semesters are to expand our philanthropic endeavors and develop the most effective new-member semester," said Dane McLeod, a brother working towards the chapters return. "We look forward to working with the university to regain our status as one of the premier student organizations on campus."

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