Thursday, December 06, 2007

Central Michigan Phi Sigma Phi House Burglarized

Thieves Steal Frat's Paddles

By Patrick W. Connelly
, The Frat Boy News

Police near Central Michigan University believe a burglary involving the theft of paddles from the campus' Phi Sigma Phi house may have been a scheme pulled by another fraternity.

"It is our experience that the items were probably taken ... as part of a prank," said Police Officer Dave Sabuda, of Mt. Pleasant, Mich., told a local newspaper.

Phi Sigma Phi brothers told police last week their house was broken into. About $5,700 worth of items were stolen in the burglary, including 10 paddles brothers said were worth $150 a piece.

Police believe the theft was part of a prank pulled by another of Central Michigan's fraternities or sororities. No arrest have been made, police added.

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