Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ex-Colorado IFC President Charged in Coke Bust

Frat Figure Coke Bust Suspect

A Delta Chi brother and former president of the University of Colorado's Interfraternity Council was caught with cocaine after a fight Friday outside the chapter's house, police said.

Christopher Kline, a fifth-semester senior at Colorado, had until October served as the university's IFC president. Another student had been jumped by two men outside the Delta Chi house, when Kline helped police get in touch with his chapter's president after the fight.

Police said Kline had been acting odd and his pupils were much larger than others around after the fight.

A small baggy police said was cocaine fell out of Kline's pocket. Kline had tried to kick it away and said it didn't belong to him, police said.

Kline was taken to county jail and later released, police said. He is set to appear in court Dec. 20 on the charges.


Anonymous said...

Kline is not a Delta Chi.

Anonymous said...

He has cheated on his WIFE several times now. Coke is the least of his problems.

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