Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Florida and Maryland Frats Accused of Hazing

Fraternity Sanctioned for Hazing
Frat Accused of Hazing on Probation

By Patrick W. Connelly
, The Frat Boy News

Following a series of hazing allegations, fraternities at both the University of Florida and University of Maryland have been sanctioned while investigations continue.

Florida's Alpha Tau Omega was placed on probation through the fall of 2008 after a response to allegations the fraternity held a late night "line up" in which pledges were forced to jump into a mud pit when incorrectly answering a question about the chapter's history.

Maryland's chapter of Zeta Beta Tau is facing disciplinary actions for hazing during its initiation ceremony. Pledges were placed in a circle and asked to name the fraternity's founders, the university's student newspaper reported.

In this case if the pledges answered incorrectly, water was dumped on their heads, the newspaper said. One pledge allegedly had 'Shout,' a stain remover used to clean laundry, poured on his head when he missed a founder's name.

"There were a lot of rumors flying around campus," Zeta Beta Tau's Executive Director Jonathan Yulish said. "(The pledge) wasn't blinded. He didn't have chemicals poured in his eye."

Maryland is investigating the chapter's hazing allegations, while its national headquarters has already sanctioned the brothers for violating its policies. The executive board members of the Zeta Beta Tau chapter were removed from their offices and placed on probation that will last through the entirety of their undergraduate careers.

In addition, the chapter must also pay for the hazing investigation and fund an anti-hazing brochure and speaker.

Alpha Tau Omega at Florida was also suspended from hosting social events through the spring of 2008 and each members must complete five hours of community service.

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