Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Microsoft Sponsors SAE Party

Microsoft Sponsors Frat Party To Make Zune Cool

Microsoft brought there latest gadget into the world of Greek Life last weekend at the University of Pennsylvania's chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A marketing team contracted by Microsoft sponsored a party at the SAE house Saturday, lending dozens of their Zune mp3 players for use by the brothers.

"They wanted product placement, to get the name out," said a marketing representative. "On top of that, they wanted to get some good pictures—potentially to use for advertising."

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Wordjunky said...

I don't mean to pick nits, but in most places "SigEp" refers to Sigma PHI Epsilon. Generally, I have heard "SAE" used as the short form of Sigma ALPHA Epsilon.

Too bad. I was about to link to this from the "Unofficial SigEp Blog" until I read more closely. Sounds like a neat idea.

FratBoyNewsAdmin said...

Our Bad! Thanks for looking out.

FratBoyNewsAdmin said...

Dually noted, WordJunky, I often get them confused b/c we didn't have either frat at my college. Thanks for clarifying it.

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