Monday, February 26, 2007

Now More Than 20 Years Later, Virginia Phi Psi Admits 1984 Rape

Quest For Forgiveness Sparks Nightmare

William Beebe, a brother of the University of Virginia's chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, has admitted to raping Liz Seccuro in 1984 at a party.

After living with the guilt for more than 20 years, Beebe admitted to the rape while following the criteria in his Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program.

According to the Courier News, Beebe raped the 17-year old Liz Schimpf while she was just a freshman. The report said that at the 1984 party, the frat brother tending bar at Phi Kappa Psi handed her a green concoction. The drink made her feel strange and panicky.

William Beebe, a student she didn't know, dragged her to his room. He pulled her onto his lap, kissed her neck, her ear. Repulsed, she pulled free and bolted from the room.

"HELP ME!" she screamed. A frat brother tossed her at Beebe, then left.

Beebe tore off her clothes and threw her on the bed and raped her. The pain was blinding. She couldn't breathe. She passed out.

"I always felt tremendous guilt for the ways in which I imagined my conduct had damaged you, and for years too the only solution seemed to be the bottle, which worked less and less over time to assuage the guilt," Beebe wrote to Seccuro in a letter. "This is to say that the way that I lived with myself was of course not really living at all."

"It appears I have laid the groundwork for a shattered life, and I simply do not know what to do, save for doing what you ask," he wrote.

Beebe was arrested last year for the rape and found guilty.

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