Monday, February 26, 2007

What's the Purpose of Frat Houses?

The Frat Boy News Daily College Column
By Trini Gyal, Progressive U

What is the allure of Frat houses?

The other day I went to my TA’s Frat house to practice a dance and it was the epitome of my vision of Frat house. There were kegs, a giant drawing of a penis on the wall and a dirty plinko game.

The place was disgusting and dirty. Why is it that guys tend to be messy? Why is it that they can live in a place like that, while in general girls would cringe at such a sight? It amazed me. And we only stepped into the living room of this frat house.

I don’t want to imagine what the rest of the place would look like. Then there were the stories that our TA would begin to tell us. They were, um, quite interesting to say the least.

I wonder what people think when they see thing that these college students are doing. It is crazy and baseless as well as degrading. Why do they do such things for entertainment? I guess weird things make them happy when they’re drunk.

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