Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Girls Causing Problems

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Tuesday:

Loyola College (compiled by The Greyhound)
Feb. 20 - 4:40 p.m.: A campus police officer observed a female walking. She appeared young enough to be a student. As the officer watched her, she appeared intoxicated because she was having difficulty walking straight. She proceeded to walk to Aquinas, set her bags down, and knocked on a door. The officer approached her to ask what her business on campus was and she told him that an Aquinas resident owed her money. She requested a pen to leave him a note, and after writing the note, she asked the officer to give it to him sometime later when he got home. She left an address on the note but the officer could not make out her name. The officer attempted to contact the Aquinas resident with negative results.

Penn State University
(compiled by StateCollege.com)
March 2: An East Halls Resident Assistant reported Friday that someone had attached cups of water to his residence hall room door causing water to spill into the room when the door was opened. Cost of clean up is unknown.

March 3 - 5 a.m.: A male visitor reported a female student was striking him and causing a disturbance at Eastview Terrace. The female left the scene prior to police arrival. The female was identified.

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