Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Theta Chi Back at Stephen F. Austin

Theta Chi Fraternity to Return to SFA

A longtime Stephen F. Austin State University fraternity that was disbanded in 2001, is now recolinizing at the college.

Theta Chi has set up shop at SFA, and is looking to recruit new members. The frat plans to stress leadership, academic excellence, and community service.

"We see SFA as an ability to build a very strong group on campus," said Marcus Scott, a leadership consultant for the fraternity. "We are looking for gentlemen with high GPA and community involvement."

"What makes unique from other fraternities is that we don't fit the stereotypical frat image," Scott said. "We emphasize on values, gentlemanly conduct, person development, reaching for high academics, while taking an active stance against hazing and alcohol abuse."

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