Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nebraska Frats Celebrating Greek Week

Greek Week Celebrates Contributions of UNL Greeks

As reported by the Daily Nebraskan

In an effort to congratulate and celebrate being Greek and all the work members of fraternities and sororities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have done on campus and in the Lincoln community, the Greek community is celebrating Greek Week this week on campus.

These students have also worked to advertise the events, working to encourage all Greeks to participate in the celebration events of the week. While most of the events are designed to encourage Greeks to get out, have fun and meet other Greeks, there is still an emphasis on community service. Most of the events are free, with the exception of fundraising events.

"We try to focus on community service. Most houses have philanthropies, too. We feel like community service and giving back to the community of Lincoln is important. It's part of being in the Greek system," said Tim Pederson, a junior marketing major and IFC president.

Greek Week kicked off last Friday with Spaghetti Splash, an event used to raise money for a memorial for former UNL student Bob Foehlinger, a Delta Tau Delta Fraternity member and campus leader who tragically died in a car accident in 2003.

This year's big event for Greek Week is a chariot race at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds on Tuesday night. The event is new this year, and both Pederson and Kassmeier said they are
excited to see the turnout.

Wednesday evening features free pizza in the Nebraska Union and free bowling at East Campus. After bowling, there will be an awards ceremony. The awards, called Greek Gods and Goddesses, are awarded for things like funniest greek.

Thursday night is the final night of Greek Week and features a banquet. Scholarships will be awarded to selected individuals. There will also be a scholarship for one sorority and one fraternity.

"Greek Week is just kind of a week long celebration for being greek," Pederson said. "It's important for the university as a whole to have a good greek system."

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