Thursday, March 08, 2007

Off-Campus Fire Kills Αlpha Chi Rho Senior

Longwood College Studets Deal With Loss In Fatal Fire

A weekend fire killed two people, one of them a Longwood University senior and Alpha Chi Rho Brother.

Another Longwood student, 21-year-old Timothy Cocrane, is being credited with saving three other people from their burning, off-campus home. Cocrane remains hospitalized with second-degree burns and severe smoke inhalation.

While three people were saved, two others, who were lifelong friends died in the fire. The blaze killed Ed Cunningham, an engineering student and member of the Crow fraternity. Their deaths have shocked and saddened everyone who knew them.

His friend, 21-year-old Byron Jamerson, often visited Cunningham and was inside when the house caught fire. Authorities aren't saying how the fire might have started. Tim Cocrane, the student who helped save three people from that burning house, is still hospitalized, but school officials say he may be released as early as tomorrow.

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