Thursday, March 08, 2007

Highlights From ΔΖ National's Statement on DePauw Controversy

By Cindy Menges, Executive Director of Delta Zeta

As a national fraternal organization, Delta Zeta Sorority supports the leadership, philanthropic, and educational goals of its 207,000 collegiate and alumnae members.

Within that spirit, the Delta Zeta national organization supports world-wide alumnae and collegiate members of all 158 college chapters and university partners in sustaining a strong and supportive service and philanthropic organization.

The national organization stands by its open invitation to members and DePauw University officials in supporting the former and current members of the chapter together. Delta Zeta's national leadership will continue to seek opportunities to work in an open and fair manner with members and DePauw University. The women of the Delta Chapter, whether active collegiate participants or alumnae, remain members in good standing of Delta Zeta.

Delta Zeta is saddened by the mischaracterizations and inaccuracies in recent press coverage concerning the chapter at DePauw University. With a steady decline in membership in the Delta Chapter over several years, the viability of the chapter was in question. In the process of addressing that situation, we misjudged how some of our communications would be received by our members, and we regret that.

Delta Zeta finds it offensive that recent reports have suggested that decisions made at DePauw University were related in any way to our members' races and nationalities. Delta Zeta is proud of the diversity of its 207,000 members and alumnae nationwide, which reflect the mandate in our Constitution that members will be selected solely on their merits and without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin or handicap.

On each of our campuses, our faces reflect those of the communities of which we are a part, and it is irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Without its diverse population, Delta Zeta could not thrive as it does on college campuses today.

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