Monday, March 05, 2007

Oregon State ΛΧΑ Brother's Body Found in River

Body Recovered From Umpqua River Identified as OSU Student

The body of an Oregon State Student and brother of Lambda Chi Alpha who had been missing since November was found North Umpqua River last week.

The body of Jeffrey Bernard Schmidt, a 22-year old geology major was found Thursday and was identified by his dental records, police said. Schmidt and his girlfriend, Delta Gamma sister Quinn Do Truong, went missing Nov. 19 after leaving a social event.

Schmidt had driven his Jeep off a 70-foot embankment and into the North Umpqua River. His girlfriend was found in the vehicle, but he had disappeared.

University spokesman Todd Simmons said Sunday that the long wait for Schmidt's body was sad for all the students but especially for his fraternity brothers.

"The guys just never really had any closure for their member, and at least now, 3 1/2 months later, now there's some semblance of closure for everyone involved," he said.

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