Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pizza Delivery Guy Beat Up and Robbed at Bentley

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Sunday:

Bentley College (compiled by Matthew Wagner, The Vanguard)
Feb. 27 - 10:33 p.m.: Officers responded to the second floor of Orchard North for a medical emergency. A Bentley student had injured themselves while cutting food, resulting in a "deep laceration" on their thumb. The student had been able to contain the bleeding, but was transported to the hospital.

Feb. 27 - 11:08 p.m.: Campus Police responded to the second floor of Alder Hall for a report of an intoxicated student who had thrown up in the hallway. He confessed to having had "some alcohol," and, when asked for identification, he handed officers a license in someone else's name, which officers confiscated. An ambulance was called to evaluate the student, but it was determined that he was not intoxicated enough to pose a danger to himself. He will be judicially charged for the incident.

March 1 - 10:10 a.m.: Officers responded to the third floor of Jennison Hall for a report of a female student crying and vomiting. The student, who stated that she hadn't eaten since last night, was taken to Health Services.

March 2 - 1:12 a.m.: Officers responded to Falcone North where a delivery driver for Tiki Hut reported that he had been assaulted and robbed by two white males, who grabbed him and took the food he was attempting to deliver. Although officers had no immediate suspects, they did obtain descriptions from the driver and the case remains under investigation.

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