Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alpha Chi Omega Sister Falls Overboard on Spring Break Cruise

Sorority member goes overboard on spring break

Celeste Clarice Partee, a University of Colorado sophomore and sister of Alpha Chi Omega fell overboard from a cruise ship while on spring break.

Partee fell off the balcony of her suite while reenacting the memorable scene from the movie Titanic with Ernesto Guzman, a Cadet Second Class at the Air Force Academy, who was also on spring break.

The ship, the Grand Princess cruise liner, was off the coast of Galveston, Texas at the time of the incident

After falling from five to nine stories (reports vary) to the water, Partee and Guzman had to stay afloat for five hours while their cruise ship turned around to rescue them. Guzman, who was trained at the Air Force Academy reportedly removed his clothing to stay afloat.

Remarkably, both sustained minimal injuries from the fall.

While Partee has yet to make a statement to the press, Guzman, however released this:

“The combination of their quick response and my water survival training at the United States Air Force Academy combined to save my life during those five hours in the Gulf of Mexico.”

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