Friday, June 08, 2007

Arizona Man Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

Friday's Frat Boy News Pause for the Cause

University of Arizona
(compiled by The Wildcat Online)

A man was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and speeding, near the campus of the University of Arizona.

As the man was being pulled over, the officer noticed him reaching across the passenger seat with several pieces of paper in his hand.

Upon questioning, the man's hands were shaking and he started to smoke a cigarette.

The officer said he could smell a faint odor of burnt marijuana and a stronger odor of fresh marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

The man told police he had a marijuana pipe inside the vehicle and gave police consent to search it. Inside, the officer found a grinder on the passenger floorboard and a backpack containing a Ziploc bag containing 2.07 grams of marijuana.

The officer also found several plastic bags and a digital scale. The man said the marijuana wasn't his but would not say to whom it belonged. He was later arrested.

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