Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Campus Girl of the Day: Erin Broberg

The Frat Boy News Campus Girl of the Day

The University of Minnesota's Erin Broberg is Monday's Campus Girl of the Day!!!

Erin's Details
Eden Prairie, MN
College: University of Minnesota
Age: 21
Birthday: April 10, 1986
Year: Senior
Biology & Spanish
Favorite Drink: Disaronna Sour or good beer!
Favorite Movie: Fight Club, Blow, Dazed & Confused...
Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie is one hot humanitarian.
Hobbies: Partying, languages, art and learning.
Best Part of Being a Campus Girl: Getting to know some fun new people.
Plans after Graduation: Med school.

Each and everyday a different Campus Girl from around the country will be featured on The Frat Boy News. If you would like to be chosen as a Campus Girl of the Day, drop us an email at fratboynews@yahoo.com

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