Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Delta Chi "Party Boy" Headed to Jail

Frat Brat Going to Jail for Hate Crimes

A brother of Delta Chi fraternity and student at California State University in Fullerton pleaded guilty last week to two felony hate crimes for assaulting to women in 2005 he thought to be a lesbian couple.

Gaston Alejandro Gastelum originally refuted the charges in December, saying the two woman had attacked him. Gastelum, who calls himself "Party Boy" on his MySpace profile, admitted last week to being ashamed for his actions, an OC Weekly report said.

Police said Gastelum was drunk when he yelled at the women, saying "You look like boys. You must be lesbians! Bitches! Fucking dykes!," the report said. He then punched the women in their faces, necks and chests before running away.

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