Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Double Clicking Your Mouse:
A Girl's Guide to Having Her First Orgasm

Step-By-Step Guide for the Orgasm Virgin

Rebecca Lehman, a sex columnist at the University of Cincinnati, recently lent her fellow female classmates some advice on how to make an O-face for first timers.

"Ladies, if you've never made an O-face - especially if you've never made yourself make an O-face - you are not alone," Lehman wrote. "Society has a nasty habit of forgetting to teach girls how to pleasure themselves, so, big surprise, they often don't know how to," she said.

Lehman asked girls in her column to schedule about an hour of "alone time" a week where they can have the opportunity to experiment with themselves.

"The basic goal of each session is to focus solely on your body and how you can make it feel good," she said.

During that time she said to "relax as much as possible, consciously letting your thoughts and worries go - and leave your anxieties or guilt about masturbating at the door."

"Think back to your favorite sexual fantasy or a sexual encounter that was particularly arousing," she said. Next, "experiment with the sensations of different things against your skin," Lehman said. "Consciously explore how you respond to the touch of fabrics, temperature, water or other materials."

"Feel your entire body with your hands, exploring to find which parts are more sensitive than others. Do different things with your hands - tickle yourself, stroke yourself, pinch yourself, massage yourself, use your palms, your fingertips, your knuckles and thumbs," she said.

"Vary your pressure, rhythm and type of touch. This may be in your first session or your hundredth session. Go only as far each time as you are comfortable," she wrote.

"Repeat those things over and over until you feel like stopping or until you attain an orgasm," Lehman concluded.

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