Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eastern Michigan President and Two Campus Officials Fired for Concealing Student's Death

Three Lose Jobs in Slaying Cover-up

Eastern Michigan University has fired three campus officials, including the university's president, who they believe played a part in covering up the December rape and murder of a student in her dorm room.

Laura Dickinson, 22, was found dead in her dorm in December and for ten weeks the university maintained that no foul play was involved in her death. In February, another student was charged with murder and sexual assault in connection with her death.

A separate investigation found that the university had violated a law requiring it to disclose information about campus crimes and to inform students of threats to their safety. Reports said that some campus officials were unaware of a criminal investigation into Dickinson's death, but others who did know decided not to tell students or Dickinson's family.

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