Monday, August 27, 2007

3 New Mexico Frats Sanctioned

New Mexico Frats Suspended After Allegations

By Patrick W. Connelly
, The Frat Boy News

Half of the University of New Mexico's fraternities have been suspended until further notice.

If you're a frat guy at New Mexico, August has seriously been just about the worst month ever. Following dumb decisions by brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Sigma, the university was forced to suspend each chapter.

An SAE brother was charged by police with raping a 15-year -old girl. Police said he videotaped sexual acts with her and another girl on his cell phone.

Phi Delta Theta was suspended after a 16-year-old girl's parents called the university and said their daughter was found passed out drunk at their house.

Then, on Aug. 21, the university was forced to suspend Kappa Sigma after police found booze in their house when they stopped by to break up a fight.

"First, we will deal with these incidents," the university's president told a local newspaper. "And second, and more importantly, we will work to establish a new positive context for Greek life."

"I think this is a question not of chapters' holding the wrong types of events, (but of) individual chapter members' making very poor choices in terms of their decision-making, which chapters have to bear responsibility for," the president continued.

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