Friday, August 10, 2007

Beta National Headquarters Cuts Ties With Yale Chapter

Beta Chapter Loses National Affiliation

The national headquarters of Beta Theta Pi has disaffiliated itself with the fraternity's chapter at Yale University, less than a month after a stash of guns were confiscated from their campus house.

A 21-year-old brother of the fraternity was arrested in July on weapons charges stemming from an incident at their house in which a gun was fired and two illegal weapons were seized, Yale University police said.

Police said they confiscated 11 guns from the frat house, including two illegal assault rifles, chemicals and ammunition. Light has beeen temporarily suspended from the university.

The brothers were said to have been playing beer pong before the shooting.

"The fraternity will go local, it will prosper. We have a huge alumni network," its alumni director told a campus newspaper.

The chapter was founded in 1892, but went inactive in 1968. It was revived by a new brotherhood in 1990.

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