Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breaking Down ABC Family's 'Greek,' Part II

(compiled by Wikipedia)

Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) - Rusty's older sister who is vying to be the next president of Zeta Beta Zeta (ΖΒΖ) sorority.

Prior to Rusty arriving on campus, she did not let anyone know she had a brother. She is dating Evan Chambers. Her commitment to Zeta Beta Zeta keeps her from what she truly wants.

Casey knows dating Evan will help her become president, although it is usually shown that Evan is not truly the one for her. It is implied that she and Cappie were once boyfriend and girlfriend, and she describes their first time as something she looks back on with no regrets because they were in love.

After being paired with Cappie on a paper, they kiss once again, although Casey says she can't go back to what she had before.

Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman) - Casey's boyfriend, who is president of ΩΧΔ. Evan takes on Calvin as a Little Brother sometime after "Hazed and Confused". He slept with Rebecca Logan, but later claims he only did it because he was scared he and Casey were getting too serious.


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