Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breaking Down ABC Family's 'Greek,' Part III

(compiled by Wikipedia)

Cappie (Scott M. Foster) - Casey's ex-boyfriend who befriends Rusty. He appears to still have strong feelings for Casey. He is the president of ΚΤΓ.

He and Casey were once boyfriend and girlfriend, and it says that they broke up, because Casey really did want to join the Zeta Beta's and they wouldn't allow her to be dating Cappie at the time.

They do get back together for one night, after Casey learns Evan slept with Rebecca Logan, though Casey returns to Evan afterwards. Cappie and Casey kiss once again near the end of season 1, though Casey once again goes back to Evan.

Cappie has two big quirks, one being his ability to make speeches parodying other famous speechs (such as the Gettysburg Address and Morpheus' speech in The Matrix), the other being a phrase he uses often, "I used to be a _______ Major." This includes, up to this point, Psychology, Biology, Physics, and Latin. Cappie, while lazy, is extremely intelligent, charismatic, and insightful, which often surprises other characters.


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