Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breaking Down ABC Family's 'Greek,' Part IV

(compiled by Wikipedia)

Calvin Owens (Paul James) - Rusty's friend, whom he met during rush. He pledges ΩΧΔ as a legacy. He is gay and in the closet, having had a bad experience when he came out in high school, with Rusty being the only person who knows. He is in a relationship with Heath from ΚΤΓ. During high school, he was also an all-state ice hockey player. He is shown to have a good friendship with Ashleigh.

Dale (Clark Duke) - Rusty's religious, nerdy roommate from Arkansas. He is a member of an abstinence group and a Left Behind club. He is also Rusty's roommate in his Honors Engineering class.

Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) - Casey's best friend at ΖΒΖ. She has a boyfriend named Travis, and even remains faithful to him, even though they hardly get to see each other and despite the fact that he acts like a jerk around others. She is thought to act dull and bland while around him, opposing her regular fun & interesting characteristics.

Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria) - the Senator's daughter who was the major target in rush. Casey bribes her to pledge ΖΒΖ, to ensure her election as president, though their relationship deteriorates when Casey discovers her one night stand with Evan. Casey also makes Rebecca her Little Sister.

Frannie (Tiffany Dupont) - is president of the ZBZ sorority. Casey and Rebecca are battling about her attention. She usually doesn't think about what anyone else wants, only whats best for the sorority.

Jen K (Jessica Rose) - a ZBZ legacy who develops a crush on Rusty which leads to more at the ΚΤΓ Mount Vesuvius party. She is often naive and ditzy compared to the other sisters.

Heath (Zack Lively) - a ΚΤΓ brother. The first episode shows him in a physical relationship with Calvin.

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